About Us

S. Jennings Racing was started in 1974 by Steve Jennings. After apprenticing under Gene Crowe and then working as a crew chief on several endurance and F5000 efforts, he decided to go out on his own.

Over the years, several rule changes by many sanctioning bodies have followed Steve and his championships as he has applied his efforts towards winning. His business has grown from a one-man effort to much more today. His sons have joined in the business and are working while pursuing degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business.

Steve has over 40 years of experience, over 25 national championships, and numerous regional championships to build on as he continues to build championship winning engines.


1979---------- F. Atlantic---------------------------- T. Gloy
1983---------- F. Atlantic N.Z.----------------------- Allen Berg
1985---------- F. Atlantic East ---------------------- Mike Angus
1985---------- TransAm----------------------------- T. Gloy
1986---------- F. Atlantic East---------------------- Scott Goodyear
1986---------- F. Atlantic West--------------------- Ted Prappas
1986---------- F. Atlantic N.Z.---------------------- Jeff MacPherson
1987---------- F. Atlantic West--------------------- Johnny O’Connell
1987---------- F. Atlantic East---------------------- Calvin Fish
1988---------- F. Atlantic East---------------------- Steve Shelton
1989---------- F. Atlantic East---------------------- Jocko Cunningham
1990---------- USAC Western States Midget------ Robbie Flock
1992---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Mark Carter
1993---------- F2-Mexico---------------------------- Allen Berg
1993---------- UMARA Midget----------------------- John Meyers
1994---------- ACRL “B”----------------------------- Dan Clark
1995---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Phil Mahre
1996---------- MSRA--------------------------------- Rocky Nash
1997---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Jeff Glenn
1999---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Steve Romack
2000---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Peter Zarcades
2001---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Peter Zarcades
2002---------- ACRL---------------------------------- Peter Zarcades
2002---------- Baja 1000 Class 10----------------- Erl/Myers
2003---------- ACRL Super Sports------------------ John Ostland
2004---------- Score Class 10----------------------- Erl/Myers

S. Jennings Racing has experience at the highest levels of endurance racing. In IMSA, we created a racing engine from a Lexus V8 street car engine for a Spice WSC car, developed a BMW V12 from an 850 for WSC, and prepared an aluminum small block Ford for WSC.